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Total knee prosthesis

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What is a knee ?

The knee joint is a simple joint (“hinge” joint) formed by inferior end of femur, upper ends of tibia and fibula, and patella. Patella is connected to the joint in two ways: with patellar retinaculum and menisco-patellar ligaments, and with the tibia tuberosity by the patellar ligament.
The knee joint faces severe lateral constraints during normal activity and is protected in its movements by several lateral and cruciate ligaments. However, with strenuous sport activities (football, basketball, or tennis, for example) implying some quick direction changes, the stress put on the joint is very important and the knee is often subjected to intolerable shear forces.
A ruptured ligament is often observed in the knee joint requiring corrective surgery.



What is arthrosis ?

Chronic joint damage characterized by an initial destruction (“wearing”) of joint cartilage. Arthrosis can be primitive (without any precise cause) or secondary to a joint deformation resulting from a malformation (congenital disorders) or an acquired deformity (after an accident, for example).

Hip (osteoarthritis of the hip ) and knee degeneration (gonarthrosis) are the most common disorders and can be potential responsible of an aggravated disability or handicap when arthrosis complicates a preexisting motricity disorder.

genou02Radiographie arthrose Genou


Treatments available ?


  • Medical treatments (antalgics, anti-inflammatories, reeducation, infiltration)
  • Surgical treatments (knee prosthesis)


What is a Total knee prosthesis ?

A knee prosthesis is designed for destroyed cartilage replacement. It includes three separate components.
It consists of:

    1. A tibial part, all or partially made with high density polyethylene (hard plastic) with a metallic base assembly. Pièce tibiale
    2. A metallic femoral prosthesis fitting in the femur inferior end. Prothèse fémorale métallique
    3. A patellar button made in polyethylene and placed on the internal area of your patella.Bouton rotulien


Implanted knee prosthesis


Prothèse de genouProthèse de genou implantéeProthèse de genou totale implantéeRadiographie d'une prothèse totale de genou implantée

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