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SERF announces acquisition of the MADISONTM knee prosthesis range

Décines, France, 2 November 2021

SERF and IMPLANET have announced completion of SERF’s acquisition of the MADISON TM orthopaedic knee implants range.

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This acquisition enhances the unicompartmental “Uni KROMA” range already developed and marketed by SERF, thus offering an extensive range that can address the most important needs of patients and orthopaedic surgeons operating on the lower limb. It truly marks the MENIX group’s entry onto the Knee market, doubling the market that can be targeted by SERF’s sales forces and distributors.

IMPLANET’s transfer of this activity concerns the whole of MADISON TM ’s activity relating to the design and marketing of implants for knee replacement surgery.

Cyrille Fleury, CEO of Menix, comments:

“In acquiring the Madison TM Knee range, our intention is to reinforce our position as a key player in the orthopaedic sector, by addressing a new segment – that of Knee pathologies – in its entirety. This strategic acquisition will allow SERF to continue its expansion into the orthopaedic market in France and internationally.”

About SERF

SERF is a French manufacturing company that develops, makes and sells hip, knee and foot orthopaedic implants on an international scale. Since its founding, SERF has developed numerous innovative concepts including the invention, in 1976, of the famed Dual Mobility cup, recognised by health professionals all over the world. SERF is now the market leader in Hip implants in France. SERF’s head office is based in Décines, France.

About the Menix Group

The MENIX group includes high-tech industries in the orthopaedic (mainly hip and knee) and dental sectors, as well as 3D digital solutions. In the orthopaedic sector, the MENIX group occupies a leading position in France on the dual mobility and first intention femoral stem market. On the dental side, the MENIX group designs and sells a range of dental implants and implantable designs for use in cranio-maxillofacial surgery. The group expects to achieve sales of €100 M and have 430 employees in 2021. Its head office is based near Lyon, in France.

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