CUSTOM MADE Instrumentation

UNI KROMA® CUSTOM instruments are used to make tibial and distal femoral cuts.
A customised solution which is simple and quick to use.

UNI KROMA® CUSTOM instruments are manufactured by OneOrtho Medical and distributed by SERF.



UNI KROMA® CUSTOM instrumentation, which is specially designed for the patient can reduce anaesthesia time by reducing the number of surgical steps.

It is designed based on images of the patient and 3D printed.

Combined with HYBRID instrumentation, it can be used to insert the metal-backed version of UNI KROMA® only.

Compared with a “standard” insertion technique, there are fewer surgical steps concerning :

  • tibial plateau resection;
  • resection of the distal femoral cut;
  • component size selection;
  • operating table preparation: fewer parts to assemble.

The process for producing this custom guide involves creating a procedure on the planning platform: oneforyou

This planning platform is only available in French. If needed, don’t hesitate to contact SERF company.

Images can also be uploaded and the user can track the progress of the process.

After 3D reconstruction of the knee, the practitioner can view the implant positioning and the resulting HKA angle.

All the settings can be adjusted by the practitioner as required.

A team remains on hand to assist the practitioner (on-line help can be provided).


3D printed in polyamide (PA) using SLS (Selective Laser Sintering) technology .

Produced with successive 100-micron layers and with an accuracy of +/- 200 microns.