HYBRID Instrumentation

UNI KROMA® instruments have the original and specific feature of being HYBRID.

They are simple and compact and offer a broad range of possibilities.

UNI KROMA® instruments are manufactured by OneOrtho Medical. They are distributed by SERF.



A single test component and final femur and tibia preparation component are used for each insertion so they do not ALL need to be on the operating table.

With UNI KROMA® instrumentation, simply assess the size of the femur and tibia and select the corresponding single-use test ancillary equipment.

The advantages of this “bunch” of ancillary instruments are :

  • A single kit with metal instruments;
  • The required parts can be accessed “at the last minute”;
  • Fewer parts on the table;
  • Parts are always new and STERILE;
  • Fewer parts to package and clean.

These single-use parts are delivered sterile.



3D printed in polyamide (PA) using SLS (Selective Laser Sintering) technology .

Produced with successive 100-micron layers and with an accuracy of +/- 200 microns.