CHIBF E Bipolar Cup

The CHIBF E bipolar cup is an intermediate cup designed for intermediate hip prostheses. The bipolar cup retains the prosthetic head with a retaining ring integrated into the design of the polyethylene liner.


Characteristics and materials


  • The CHIBF E bipolar cup is available in diameters of 39 mm to 57 mm for femoral heads with a diameter of 2 mm, and Ø 45 mm to Ø 59 mm for femoral heads with a diameter of 28 mm.
  • The cup retains the head as it is impacted in the PE part.
  • The cup plating is fully polished to allow free rotation in the acetabular cavity.


  • Stainless steel plating and UHMWPE



Dedicated instrumentation for the cup.


The CHIBF E bipolar cup is indicated in the following case:

  • Femoral head or neck trauma without destruction of acetabular cavity.

Contraindications for the CHIBF E bipolar cup are as follows:

  • Acute or chronic local or systemic infections (cardiopathy, decompensated diabetes, continuous haemodialysis, reduced immune response, etc.).
  • Severe muscular, neurological or vascular deficiencies affecting the extremity concerned.
  • Bone destruction or loss, or poor bone quality likely to affect implant stability, severe osteoporosis, major deformity of the joint to be replaced, local bone tumours.
  • All related conditions which could compromise the function or implanting of the prosthesis.
  • Drug addiction, alcohol, tobacco or medicine abuse.
  • Mental incapacity of patients to understand the surgeon’s instructions.
  • Systemic or metabolic disorders.
  • Local bone tumours.
  • Obesity, excess weight, high level of physical activity, intense exercise, after a fall.



Surgical technique